Any energy system that has two sources of electricity is called a hybrid.

What are the advantages of a hybrid solar system?

Hybrid photovoltaic systems allow you to decide and control how and how much electricity to produce, where to store it and how and when to use it.

  • Flexibility in managing the produced electricity
  • Permanent access to electricity
  • High energy efficiency

Hybrid solar systems are a suitable solution for both households and businesses. The installation of a hybrid energy system with photovoltaics enables the owners to gain independence from the electricity distribution companies.

What do hybrid solar systems contain?

  • PV panels
  • Solar controller
  • Battery pack
  • Solar inverter
  • Monitoring and control system
  • Second power source

PV panels

Solar PV modules convert light into electricity. They have an extremely long life and are a preferred renewable energy source.

Solar controller

Solar chargers have the task of controlling the voltage from the photovoltaics to the batteries, while maintaining proper operating conditions.

Battery pack

The batteries in the hybrid system can store the excess energy and thus successfully replace the UPS in places with need for constant power supply.

Solar hybrid inverter

Photovoltaics generate direct current, and the solar inverter converts it into an alternating current compatible with mass appliances.

Monitoring and control system

This element is not mandatory for every hybrid system, but the presence of this type of device makes it possible to monitor, report and control the produced electricity.

Second source of power

A wind turbine, diesel generator, or power grid, each of these sources could be part of a photovoltaic hybrid system.

What is hybrid solar system?

Solar hybrid power generation systems are installations that combine the electricity generated by photovoltaics with electricity from another source.

Such systems can combine solar modules with a diesel unit, wind turbine, electrical grid and more.

Hybrid-type solar installations combine the capabilities of Autonomous Systems and Grid-connected Systems. As their name indicates, hybrid photovoltaic systems take the best of the other two types.

Hybrid Photovoltaic Energy System is the solution for single-family houses, small and medium businesses, office buildings, this way owners gain independence from the power grid and significantly reduce costs for electricity.

The second source of electricity in a solar hybrid system can be the power supply network. The specifics of equipment designed for this type of systems allows the use of the network as a second source of energy, the process of operation is fully automated and switching between the different energy sources does not require human intervention. In hybrid solar systems, the main source is the photovoltaic generator, which, in addition to instantaneous power supply to consumers, also takes care of charging the batteries. In case of insufficient current generation from the solar panels, electricity is taken from the battery pack, if it is of insufficient or exhausted capacity, the second energy source is switched on.

Hybrid systems successfully replace UPS systems in places where uninterruptible power supply is required. Hybrid solar installations are extremely flexible in terms of power consumption. When integrating a monitoring and communication system, the hybrid installation becomes extremely functional, enabling both remote monitoring of energy flows and electricity production from the sun, as well as settings of the inverter unit. Special equipment makes it possible to monitor and regulate the discharge level of the batteries, thus extending their life.

The equipment for hybrid solar systems allows many different settings. The use of only a certain part of the battery capacity allows storage of backup energy in case of a shutdown of the central power supply. Hybrid inverters can combine battery power and grid power, but can also operate completely autonomously.

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