Electrical safety courses

Electrical safety trainings up to an over 1000V. 

Technical operation, operational servicing of the existing electrical equipment, execution of repairs, reconstructions and modernizations are assigned to trained electricians who have undergone specialized safety training and knowledge verification. The acquisition of a qualification group requires appropriate education and training for work on electrical equipment, specialized training and examinations.

Frequency of the training for qualification group on electrical safety

Up to 1000 V


Over 1000 V


Duration of training to acquire a qualification group

Second qualification group

4 lesson hours

Third qualification group

8 lesson hours

Fourth qualification group

16 lesson hours

Fifth qualification group

24 lesson hours

Qualification groups

First qualification group

Non electrical staff

General and construction workers, painters, installers who use hand and portable power tools at work.

Second qualification group

Training workers from the electrical staff

Electrical welders, electric transport drivers, electrical crane operators, others.

Third qualification group

Рepair and managing staff

Repair staff and lead managers of hand tools, portable electric lamps and transformers, managers and / or trainees with first and second qualification groups. Allowing, supervising or executing work with a charge. Repair and setup technicians, dispatching and technological control facilities, and more.

Fourth qualification group

Organizational, managing and controlling staff

The persons who organize, manage and control the operations of the technical exploitation, the service, the repairs, the reconstruction and the modernization, the issuing orders, the orders and the responsible managers, the persons, who perform highly qualified work on adjustments, tests and measurements

Fifth qualification group

Technical managers authorized by the employer to repair and control electrical equipment with a voltage up to and over 1000 V.

Responsible supervisors issuing orders for work on electrical equipment with a voltage greater than 1000 V. The heads of services / departments of operation and safety at work, when the electrical equipment has a voltage up to and over 1000 V.

When is a qualifying group exam needed?

Upon starting a new job

To upgrade a qualification group

To recover a qualification group after withdrawal / downgrading

Periodically, within the time limits specified in the job description