The technical service, the operational maintenance of the existing electrical equipment, the implementation of repairs, reconstructions and modernizations are assigned to trained persons from the electrical personnel, who have passed specialized training for safety and knowledge testing. The acquisition of a qualification group requires appropriate education and experience for work in electrical equipment, specialized training and taking an exam.

Periodicity of trainings for qualification group in electrical safety

  • Up to 1000 V


  • Over 1000 V


When is a qualifying group exam taken?

  • Upon starting a new job
  • To raise the qualification group
  • To restore a qualification group after withdrawal or demotion
  • Periodically, within the time limits specified in the job description

Qualification groups

In what type of position do you need a qualification group and which one?

First qualification group

Non-electrical personnel – General and construction workers, painters, installers who use hand and portable power tools.

Second qualification group

Beginner workers from the electrical staff – Electric welders, electric locksmiths, drivers of electric vehicles, crane operators of electrically driven cranes and others.

Third qualification group

Operational repair and management staff – Operational and operational-repair personnel and the persons who keep the Logbook for the serviceability of hand-held power tools, portable electric lamps and transformers; the persons who manage and / or train employees with first and second qualification group. Admitting, supervising or performing work with an order. Instrumentation and A adjusters, laboratory assistants in electrical laboratories, specialists in repair and adjustment of computer equipment, means for dispatching and technological

Fourth qualification group

Organizational, managerial and controlling staff – The persons who organize, manage and control the works on the technical operation, the operative service, the repairs, the reconstructions and the modernizations; issuing orders, directives and responsible managers; persons who perform highly qualified work on settings, tests, measurements.

Fifth qualification group

The technical managers, authorized by the employers for repair and control of electrical equipment with voltage up to and over 1000 V – Responsible managers issuing orders for work on electrical equipment with voltage over 1000 V. Heads of services / departments for operation and safety at work when the electrical equipment has voltage up to and over 1000 V.