Voltic - PV water heating controller

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Input voltage 230V, 50 Hz
Max output current 16 A
Max PV power 2400 W
Max input DC current 14 A
Min DC power 60 V
Max DC power 200 V
Recommended heating element 1-3 kW heating element
DC switch built-in
Boiler up to 200 l.

Voltic - an alternative and innovative way for water heating with the help of photovoltaics.  A technology which uses the generated energy from the PV panels for heating the water directly. With the innovative Bulgarian controller Voltic, you save up to 70% from the energy consumption for water heating.

Remote control via mobile app.

Евгени 31/05/2018

Точно това, от което имах нужда. Браво за добрия български продукт!

Николай Христов 29/06/2017

Изключително добър и надежден продукт

Георги 27/06/2017

Чудесен продукт. Много съм доволен.

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