Sungrow SG 60 KTL V12

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On-grid inverters
Max DC power (W) 67 500 W
Max input voltage (V) 1000 V
MPP voltage range (V) 550~950 V
Min. input voltage (V) 620 V
Max input current (A) 120 A
Number of independent MPP inputs 1
Rated power (W) 60 000 W
AC nominal voltage (V) 310~480Vac
Range of AC grid frequency (Hz) 45~55 Hz
Max output current (A) 96 A
Feed-in phases 3
Efficiency (%) Max. efficiency: 99 % / Max. European efficiency: 98.7 %
  • Handy and light, easy to handle without lift machinery assistance, lower the cost of installation and maintenance.
  • Integrated DC combine and surge protection function, lower the system cost
  • DC arc detection function(optional), further enhance the safety performance


  • Active power continuously adjustable (0~100%)
  • Fullfil a variety of reactive power adjustment requirments with power factor 0.8overexited ~0.8 underexited
  • Integrated LVRT and HVRT function


  • Max. Efficiency at 99%
  • Integrated string detection function, find mismatch panel in time and accurately
  • PV panel PID effect eliminate function(optional), decrease the loss of generation attenuation


  • TÜV, CE, G59/3, BDEW, CGC and GB-T19964 certification

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