4200W/48V AC off-grid solar system

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Off grid solar systems
MaximumPower(Wp) 4200
Voltage 230V AC
Solar panels
MaximumPower(Wp) 280
Pcs 15
Nom. capacity (Ah at 20°C) 220
Номинално напрежение (V) 12
Type AGM deep cycle
Pcs 8
Off-grid inverter
Max-load power 3000W
Solar charge controller
Type MPPT (built into the inverter)
Other elements
Solar cable 1x6mm2 400m
Cable 1x95mm2 20m
Switchboard Yes
Collecting box Yes
Battery rack Yes

3K SoloHome AC is a complete supply system consisting of solar modules, battery, charge regulator and solar inverter.

The 3K SoloHome AC 4200/48 is a fully autonomous solar system that provides complete energy independence. It is suitable for powering 230V consumers where there is no network access.

Possible applications:

·    Household

·    Villas

·    Bungalows

·    Mountain huts

    * All products included in the system have the necessary warranties and certificates.

    ** Fasteners and construction are not included in the system.

    *** Installation is not included in the price.

    **** Shipping of the batteries is 10 working days.

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