155W / 12V AC off-grid solar system

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Off grid solar systems
MaximumPower(Wp) 155
Voltage 230AC
Solar panels
MaximumPower(Wp) 155
Pcs 1
Nom. capacity (Ah at 20°C) 110
Номинално напрежение (V) 12
Type AGM deep cycle
Pcs 1
Off-grid inverter
Max-load power 250 W
Solar charge controller
Type PWM
Other elements
Solar cable 1x6mm2 20m
MC4 plug 2

3K SoloHome AC is a complete supply system consisting of solar modules, battery and charge regulator.

The 3K SoloHome AC 155/12 is a fully autonomous solar system that provides complete energy independence. It is suitable for powering 230V consumers where there is no network access.

Possible applications:

·    Garden lighting

·    Security systems

·    Alarm systems

·     Weather and measuring stations

·    Traffic lights

·    Caravans and campers

·    Yachts

·    Small villas

·    Bungalows

·    TV, chargers, laptops

    * All products included in the system have the necessary warranties and certificates.

    ** Fasteners and construction are not included in the system.

    *** Installation is not included in the price.

    **** Shipping of the batteries is 10 working days.

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