Fronius IG Plus 35 V

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On-grid inverters
Max DC power (W) 3700 W
Max input voltage (V) 600 V
MPP voltage range (V) 230 V … 500 V
Max input current (A) 16.0 A
Number of independent MPP inputs 1
Rated power (W) 3500 W
AC nominal voltage (V) 230 V
Range of AC grid frequency (Hz) 50 Hz, 60 Hz / −5 Hz to +5 Hz
Feed-in phases 1
Efficiency (%) Max. efficiency: 96 % / European efficiency: 95 %

Fronius IG Plus

The new generation mains-connected PV inverter

Maximum earnings. In any weather. The aim was clear: use every ray of sunshine to maximum effect. The maximum level of efficiency is not necessarily the most critical factor. The intelligent interaction of various other factors is far more important. A constant efficiency rating over a wide input voltage range, for example, and a rapid and precise response to the smallest change in the weather. Plus reliable, uninterrupted operation. The new Fronius IG Plus generation of inverters combines all these factors. With performance classes from 3.5 to 12 kW. For maximum yield in any weather.

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