Charge regulator MPPT1010

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Solar chargers
DC Voltage 12/24 V
Max input current 9 A
Max load current 10 A
MPPT yes

The Solarix MPPT is a solar charge regulator with maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The MPP tracker keeps searching for the module’s optimal operating point. This maximizes the system output, achieving levels 15-30 percent higher than the output with conventional charge regulators. The device is particularly well suited in conjunction with solar modules that are usually intended for use in grid-connected system, enabling you to use standard modules. The intelligent battery and load management ensures that the battery is not overcharged or discharged, which in turn ensures a long ser- vice life. As a result, the Solarix MPPT offers full performance under all operating conditions, as well as professional battery maintenance combined with a modern design and electronic protection functions.

* Maximum power point tracker (MPP tracker) 
* Battery and load management 
* Maximum efficiency of 98% 
* Multifunction LED display shows all operating conditions 
* Electronic protection functions: 
* Overcharge protection 
* Deep-discharge protection 
* Polarity reversal protection

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