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Company profile

3K JSC is a company working in the field of energy and environment technologies more than 10 years. Providing turn-key services for photovoltaic installations, as well as complex engineering solutions for specific objects. The main divisions of the company are about the usage of solar energy for autonomous installation (off-grid) and for grid-connected solar parks. IBC SOLAR AG – worldwide market leader in the field of solar technologies and high-quality photovoltaic installations, is 3K`s partner in this field.

To keep the environment clean, 3K JSC offers its customers highly efficient solutions for wastewater treatment. The wastewater treatment systems are manufactured by the exclusive partner of 3K – Bio-Microbics Inc. – an American company with a years long experience in designing and producing innovative solutions for treating wastewater.


Prior to 2005, 3K has executed collaborative projects with leading companies for management and control of energy distribution objects. 3K also realizes the first pilot project in Bulgaria for powerline communications in a real world environment – a hotel in Varna.
Since 2005 3K JSC initiates its official partnership with IBC Solar AG for Bulgaria and together to develop the market of photovoltaic installations.
In 2007, 3K JSC is chosen as an exclusive distributor in Bulgaria for Bio-Microbics Inc. – the american manufacturer of innovative solutios for wastewater treatment.
In 2009 the company is successfully certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2008, and in 2012 – ISO 14001:2004. 3K JSC is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and the National association of independent energy producers “Ecoenergy”.
During the International Fair Plovdiv in 2011, 3K JSC receives the Golden Medal for its patented one-axis tracking construction for photovoltaic modules – AstroTrak.
In 2012 3K JSC installs the largest tracking solar park in Bulgaria, which uses namely the AstroTrak construction.
Up to now 3K JSC has built more than 50 different photovoltaic installations in Bulgaria. Including the first roof systems in Pazardzhik, Kyrdzhali, Varna and many other small cities in the country.
And the installed wastewater treatment systems are more than 20 in the entire country, treating efficiently the water from hotels, municipalities and family houses.

Mission and vision

For us, what matter is, that our history is about people. We love our nature and the world around us. We realize that the humanity has caused, and continues to do so, a lot of damage to the environment. Every day we face the effects of our lifestyle as a civilization. Because of that, our motivation is stronger than ever. We aim to provide our clients with modern technologies, which we believe would help us to preserve the world as we know it, because:

By using electricity from renewable sources of energy – the photovoltaic installations – we help the environment fundamentally. The solar installations produce the energy needed for their own manufacturing in less than 5 years, but work for morе than 25 years and they don’t pollute the environment in any way. They are also recyclable. In fact, all of our solar modules are part of the PV CYCLE program for long-term recycling of photovoltaic panels. Also when we integrate the solar installations on roofs, facades within the cities we can minimize the losses for energy distribution and also improve the quality of the electricity.
By using wastewater treatment systems effectively we can save the most precious element on our planet – the water.
All modern technologies, which could optimize the way we use our resources (natural and technological), would help to improve our lives and the environment.