What is "ThermoSol" ?

A system for heating water with the help of photovoltaics. An innovative bulgarian technology, designed by “3K”, which uses the generated energy from the solar panels for directly heating the water.



What is included in the ThermoSol system?

Solar panels

ThermoSol К2 controller


* Boiler – The ThermoSol controller is connected to the boiler direct to the electrical heating element

* 220V Grid– to supply the ThermoSol controller.

Why to choose ThermoSol?

The ability to control the temperature any time of the day ensures you that you will have hot water in your house whenever you need it.

The solar panels will never freeze. Unlike the solar collector, solar systems work more effectively in the winter when the temperature outside is under 0°C.

The chances of failure are minimal. The system, working with ThermoSol, doesn’t have mobile parts or pipes which are the most frequent reason for damages in the sun collectors.

The electric boiler is responsible for 30% of the electricity consumed per household.

With 1.5 kW of installed power it can save up to 60% of the electricity used to heat water in a 3-5-member household.

How much can I save?

With the innovative Bulgarian controller ThermoSol you save up to 70% from the energy consumption for heating water.

One household consume fairly 200l. hot water daily, which makes about 80lv per month and about 1000lv per year. The system with the Bulgarian controller ThermoSol can save you up to 700lvper year and to make you independent from the constantly rising electrical price. That way, for the period of life of the modules, one household can save up to 14 000lv or even more (the manufacturers give 25-30 years guarantee but the practice shows us that the photovoltaic modules work perfectly for at least 40years)!

Call us for free consultation and we will make you an individual offer based on the needs of your household or go to ThermoSol’s website for more information