Solar systems

Solar systems – invest it your own energy independence and secure!

соларни системи

Solar systems are becoming more and more common as alternatives to our traditional sources of electric energy.

The main goal of our company “3K” AD is to introduce new and innovative solutions on the subject of PV systems while saving up natures resources and ensuring a stable growth for the environment. Our job in this area is to analyze the possibilities of installing PV stations on different terrains and the following build of the said stations.
To all our customers we offer a solar solution “to a key”. What this means is that not only do we design the solar systems, we arrange the delivery, build and maintenance of our products. Because at the end of the day the quality build of a PV station will ensure the desired result.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • On time delivery of the needed equipment.
    Organized and ensured delivery of high quality products connected to the solar systems. Management over the work area and our teams. Execution of all elements agreed upon the project’s documentation. Fast and on time reaction to unforeseen circumstances of the work environment. All of this can assure you that your central will be up and running as soon and as qualitatively as possible.
  • Scheduled maintenance will be planned for each system.
    The maintenance of a PV station is a routine task which needs to be executed on time and with as much attention to the details as possible. The monitoring of the system plays a very important part in preventing any problems or locating any existing ones. Our experience gives the advantage to you.

Take a look at the already installed by us equipment and solar systems or speak to some of our clients with similar to yours projects. There is nothing more secure than to see a live working PV station made by the company you may work with for the next 25 years. To us each PV station is more than just an object. It’s a long term partnership with our clients based on honesty, trust and respect.

You can reach us by the given numbers, fax or e-mails on the “Contacts” section. We would also be glad to meet you in our office or in a comfortable for you time and place.