What is "Solar pump system" ?

Autonomous photovoltaic pump systems are a reliable and completely independent power source for water supply without combustion generators, without battery systems and with minimal maintenance.





What does the system include?

Solar panels

Solar pump



Advantages of the solar pump system

Their most important advantage is that they are designed for water supply and watering of agricultural land without causing environmental pollution

Suitable for use in remote areas

Guaranteed high efficiency

Reduces watering costs


Solar water pumps can be successfully used for irrigation of orchards, greenhouses, plantations of different types of fruits and vegetables. The flexibility of the solar pumps enables the entire system to be installed very close to the water source or even floating in the irrigation channels. This increases efficiency and reduces seepage and drainage losses.

30 years of experience in the production of high-quality solar pumping systems.

Official representative for the territory of Bulgaria. We offer a wide range of complete irrigation systems with capacities ranging from 1 to 300 cubic meters per day and drilling depths up to 350 m as well as immersion pumps of different sizes.

The solar pumping systems offered by us are the winners of the Golden Medal from the International Technical Fair Plovdiv – 2012, where they were first presented on the Bulgarian market.

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