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Design, construction and monitoring of photovoltaic systems

The minimum time is one week, but each case is considered by our specialists. After the analysis you can directly get a price offer for designing and implementing a PV system for own consumption – the design of systems up to 30kW is free of charge.

Conceptual design, detailed cost-value account and constructive solution

The service includes:

  • conceptual design
  • detailed quantitative-value account
  • a constructive solution for mounting on existing photovoltaic generator objects up to 30kW
  • forecast electricity generation for one year / months /.

Price: 150.00 BGN without VAT.

Electrotechnical opinion for photovoltaic generator up to 30 kW

Analyze the load schedule of an object

The service includes:

  • Reading and reformatting of data, providing written and visualized data.
  • Assemble disassemble.
  • Transport / up to 100 km from Varna /.
  • Rent the analyzer for 7 days.

Price: 420lv. without VAT

Design and installation of electrical installations in buildings

  • All types of electrical installations in industrial, public and residential buildings
    (Construction of power electrical installation, repair of old electrical installation with new requirements, building of lightning protection and grounding, etc.)
  • All types of electrical boards for office, residential and industrial construction
    (Main switchboard and apartment / switchboard)
  • Interior lighting
    (LED lighting, frets, spotlights, garden lighting, street lighting, park lighting, etc.)

Design and installation of low-current installations

  • Fire alarm systems
    (Fire detection, smoke, heat, light or other smoke detectors, signal devices – sirens, light signaling devices, etc., relays, etc.)
  • Bell-intercom systems
    (Entrance Intercom, intercom, individual apartment units, etc.)
  • Signal protection systems
    (Video Surveillance and Access Control, Wired and Wireless Security Systems, Sirens, etc.)